Should You Spay or Neuter Your Chihuahua?

Deciding whether to have your Chihuahua sterilized is one of the first important decisions that you will make as a pet owner.  As with all decisions, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed before you decide on whether or not to spay or neuter your puppy.

The Advantages of Sterilization

Perhaps the greatest benefit of spaying and neutering is the decrease in the population of unwanted puppies.  Accidental pregnancies and irresponsible breeding are real problems that result in unwanted puppies.  These puppies often end up in animal shelters where the lucky ones are adopted and the unlucky ones are euthanized.  Both the emotional and financial costs of this problem are staggering and could be avoided with responsible sterilization.

Further, it is commonly believed that spaying and neutering can improve the health and attitude of Chihuahuas.  Spaying and neutering reduces your Chi’s hormone levels and lead to a significantly lower incidence of certain types of cancers.  There is evidence that a female Chihuahua gets the biggest health advantage if she is spayed prior to her first heat.  Also, sterilization can reduce the dog’s urge to roam around looking for a mate.  Dogs without the urge to roam are easier to control outside and safer because they have a lower risk of getting lost, stolen or hit by a car.  Sterilized dogs, particularly male Chihuahuas, are often less aggressive which helps to keep them safe and out of trouble.

The Disadvantages of Sterilization

While there is much evidence regarding the medical advantages of sterilization, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of prior to taking your Chihuahua in for surgery.  First, there is the risk of infection and complications that come with all types of anesthesia and surgical procedures.  Second, there is some evidence that the incidence of certain types of cancer rise even while others decrease.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage of sterilization is that it often occurs while your dog is a puppy and you lose your option to breed the dog later in life.  If your Chihuahua comes from a fine pedigree or you wish to see her deliver puppies and you are prepared for the large amount of work and responsibility that comes with that, then spaying or neutering may not be the best option for you.

Many veterinarians and non-profit agencies feel so strongly that dogs should be spayed or neutered that they often help pay the bill if an owner cannot afford the surgery.  So, financial factors should not play into your decision regarding sterilization.

Sterilization is a personal decision that each Chihuahua owner has to make.  It is important to know that you are not depriving your pet of anything and may be working toward making his or her life much healthier.  Further, by spaying or neutering your dog you are doing your part to help alleviate the overpopulation problem among dogs.  It means that for every puppy that you could have placed in a home another puppy may be adopted rather than euthanized.  So, unless you plan to breed your dog, it is important to carefully consider the costs and benefits of sterilization and to make your decision accordingly.

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